"This is a great device. It will save lives. My local police use it."

February 15, 2021

During my law enforcement career, I was assigned to the Prince Georges County Police Academy as a Certified Instructor. One of my courses was entitled, ‘Traffic Direction.’ Following hours of classroom lecture, the ‘recruit class’ was taken to a major highway intersection to apply what they learned in the classroom and to experience true reality of directing and controlling traffic without the assistance of any traffic-controlled devices. Reflecting on the hands-on experience, behavior of motorists and performance of the students, all involved would have been far better served if we had the luxury of working with the RYG Light during the 1980’s. However, although we are serving in the 21st Century and the game has changed to some extent, there is one element that remains invariable…. SAFETY! Safety is paramount for all employees and I opine, given my exposure to and experience with the RYG LIGHT, it provides an element of safety that was non-existent years past and present. -A. Hawkins

-A. Hawkins

November 19, 2020

I have been a volunteer and career First Responder for nearly 40 years. I began this work as a disaster services volunteer with the Red Cross where I worked on responses to many natural and man-made disasters. I was a volunteer EMT and paramedic. The RYG LIGHT will be an excellent tool for directing traffic. It is easy to use and also easy for motorists to understand the signals. This device is a great leap forward in technology beyond the usual orange traffic wand and is certain to enhance safety at emergency scenes. I would not hesitate to use this device if it were necessary.

E. Johnson

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